Households 347 thru 359

And The Household Number Where They May Be Found


COLLIE       Wesley F     M   30   ****      Blacksmith        AR   GA   TN

347/355      Lucretia     F   22   wife      Keeping House     MS   SC   SC

             Lawrence H   M    3   son                         AR   AR   MS

             William      M    2   son                         AR   AR   MS

WILLIAMSON Thomas J M 27 **** Merchant AR MS NC 348/356 Sallie F 24 wife Keeping House AR MS NC William O M 2 son AR AR AR Richmond C M 4/12 son AR AR AR Richmond P M 21 cousin Clerk in Store AR MS MS John W M 18 brother Merchant AR MS NC GRIFFIN Roxey F 17 hired girl Housekeeper AR AR AR DOUGLASS Joseph M M 42 boarder Carpenter IN PA OH
HODGE Henry M 28 **** Druggist TN NC TN 349/357 Aldora F 21 wife Keeping House MS TN TN
McSPADDEN George H M 33 **** Blacksmith TN TN TN 350/358 Elizabeth F 31 wife Keeping House AR TN TN Lorenzo M 9 son AR TN AR Lowry C M 7 son AR TN AR William K M 4 son AR TN AR Henry B M 2 son AR TN AR Thomas E M 8/12 son AR TN AR
EDWARDS William E M 24 **** Clerk in Store TN TN TN 351/359 Martha A F 20 wife Keeping House AR TN TN Charles W M 6/12 son AR TN AR
ALEXANDER John J M 50 **** Minister TN NC TN 352/360 Martha ME F 44 wife Keeping House MS AL TN TAYLOR Florence F 13 ward AR TN TN
SHAVER Milton L M 43 **** Merchant AR TN NC 353/361 Elizabeth F 29 wife Keeping House TN TN TN Willie D M 10 son AR AR TN Robert M M 8 son AR AR TN Ella F 6 daughter AR AR TN Attella F 5 daughter AR AR TN James S M 4 son AR AR TN Jennie F 3 daughter AR AR TN Charles M 1 son AR AR TN
GREEN William M M 39 **** Minister IL AL TN 354/362 Martha S F 20 wife Keeping House IL IL IL Silas C M 13 son Farmer IL IL IL Sherman J M 12 son Farmer IL IL IL Laura B F 7 daughter IL IL IL Lula May F 2 daughter AR IL IL Olie Maud F 1 daughter AR IL IL Oris C M 1 son AR IL IL JORDAN Thomas M 16 brother Farmer IL IL IL in-law
SHERRILL Robert C M 55 **** Tin Smith TN NC NC 355/363 Mary J F 49 wife Keeping House TN TN TN Mattie S F 18 daughter AR TN TN Franklin C M 16 son Farmer AR TN TN Fannie S F 12 daughter AR TN TN
RUDOLPH Silas T M 42 **** Farmer TN TN TN 356/364 Amanda W F 29 wife Keeping House AR TN TN Henretta F 10 daughter AR TN AR Minerva T F 9 daughter AR TN AR Willie M F 7 daughter AR TN AR Mary A F 4 daughter AR TN AR SMITH Sarah A F 64 aunt Keeping House NC NC NC ANDERSON Robert C M 65 boarder Carpenter TN TN TN
COLLIE Andrew J M 34 **** Farmer AR GA TN 357/365 Polly Ann F 30 wife Keeping House TN NC TN Francis M M 10 son AR AR TN Charles L M 9 son AR AR TN Lewis B M 5 son AR AR TN Mary A F 1 daughter AR AR TN
McSPARROW John W M 37 **** Physician PA NY NY 358/366 Sarah J F 27 wife Keeping House AR KY TN John W M 4 son AR KY TN Sarah J F 2 daughter AR KY TN Henrietta A F 1 daughter AR KY TN Charles EJ M 3/12 son AR KY TN
REEVES Sidney F M 44 **** Wagon Maker NC VA VA 359/367 Martha J F 40 wife Keeping House MS NC AL Walton M 15 son Farmer MS NC MS Claudie F 13 daughter MS NC MS James M 10 son MS NC MS Edgar M 7 son TX NC MS Nannie F 4 daughter MS NC MS Pearl F 1 daughter AR NC MS
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