Dickerson Thompson

     The following information is not my own research but was sent to me by Lyman Reynolds, a descendant of James Thompson.   See info from his book "Thompson Notes -  Virginia to Wayne County Kentucky  1804-1806".
 See also "Thompson Pedigree Chart" .

                    Dickerson 1 Thompson  was born in Virginia.  He married Susannah Daughtery in Franklin County Virginia on June 21, 1797.   She was born circa 1775. 

Children of Dickerson Thompson and Susannah Daughtery are:

                     i.      Greenberry Thompson, born in Virginia.

                    ii.      Richard D Thompson, born in Virginia.

                   iii.      James Thompson, born in Kentucky.

My Line        iv.      Nancy Thompson, born in Kentucky.

                    v.       Sirena Thompson, born in Kentucky.


Notes for Dickerson Thompson:


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