Ian Esom Farris

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(Thank you, Researchers, for finding my ancestors.)

                        Ian Esom Farris was born circa 1640 in Rutherglen, Scotland, died  after 1679  in Little Roanoke River, North Carolina.  He married Emily Jane Cameron  1661 in Edinburg, Scotland.  She was born circa 1643 in Edinburg, Scotland, died 1681 in Little Roanoke River, North Carolina..

Children of Ian Esom Farris and Emily Jane Cameron  are:  

 My Line    i.           Henry Farris, born circa 1670 in Albemarle Colony,  North Carolina,
                                died 1730 in Richnond, Virginia.
                  ii.           Peter  Farris, born circa 1672 in Albermarle Colony, North Carolina.
                 iii.          Samuel Farris, born circa 1674 in Albermarle Colony, North Carolina.

                  iv.          Isaac Farris, born circa 1676 in Albermarle Colony, North Carolina.

                   v.         William Farris, born circa  1678 in Albemarle Colony, North Carolina.
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