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Fairbanks, Alaska

Our state of Alaska is home to a little more than one-half million people........and also the Alyeska Pipeline. It is a state of unbelievable beauty. The summers are sunny and warm with very long days but the winters are cold, with a lot of snow and very long dark days.


Summer and Winter at our backdoor....

Alaskan summers are so beautiful....but so short, that we try to spend as much time as possible outside in our back yard or fishing and camping.

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The Prudhoe Bay oilfields are located 516 miles north of Fairbanks at the end of the Dalton Highway, a road that was originally built to haul supplies for the construction of the pipeline, but has recently been opened to the public. Many animals, such as moose, caribou, bears, wolves, fox and squirrels can be seen from the highway....if you happen to be there when they are.

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Scenes from Alaska....
Sunsets on the Dalton....

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